Celebrity Spotlight

Aimee Garcia

Actress, Home Designer, and Giver.

Guest for Premiere BeyondCon Event.

Aimee is best known for her work in Lucifer and being on the George Lopez show. Her charismatic energy tends to charge up any room that she is in and will be a great mix to the BeyondCon experience.

Sneak peek LADIES NIGHT Part 3!!! #LuciferSeason5 #LuciferπŸ’„πŸ’…πŸ½πŸ₯ƒ @laurengerman @lesleyannbrandt @rachaeleharris https://www.instagram.com/p/B5szOn4lHw8/?igshid=1v3ayv319ng0f

#Lucifer Fans Will Be Raving About the Final Ladies' Night β€” Exclusive #2020FirstLook https://tvline.com/2019/12/05/lucifer-final-season-5-photo-ladies-night-chloe-maze-linda-ella/

If u r missing #LUCIFER .... here’s a little something 🀫 Thx @etnow @Katie_Krause for this #EllaLopez exclusive πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


Happy birthday @lesleyannbrandt Thank you for being an activist ... and always having yummy food at your parties. Hope you have an incredible day! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‚πŸΎ @ Warner Brothers Studios - Burbank, CA https://www.instagram.com/p/B5lsYpLFmiA/?igshid=1dl5qjjcb5b26

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Did You Know?

Aimee has co-written a comic book series called GLOW vs. The Babyface, that will be published in November of this year.

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